TrekLight Hammock Update.

   So the other day I was dead tired, it was the middle of the day, and there was a bunch of crap on my bed. So I pitched the hammock on my porch and took a nap, still in my clothes with my knife, light, multi-tool, cell phone etc. still on me. I slept for about 4 hours and I'll be damn if it wasn't the best sleep i've had it at least a year if not longer.

   This thing has absolutely zero pressure points. Even laying on my side with my flashlight(Fenix L1D) under me it wasn't digging in or causing discomfort. You know how they say a tempurpedic molds to the shape of your body? Well this thing does the same for $2,920 less. I'm serious.
    I've noticed a lot of people are worried about being able to lay on their side or move around in the hammock. Well let me dispell these worries. The way this thing is designed it wraps completely around you. No matter how you lay in it the areas with no weight on them come up and wrap around you. So, you can lay on your side, and as long as the majority of your torso is within the hammock I see no way for you to fall out.

   Now there are a few things that I could see bothering some people. Like the fact that it does swing a little bit after you first get in, or if you start moving around a lot. Personally this doesn't bother me much. Another potential issue is that even strung up as tight as you can get it you're still going to have a slight curve from end to end. Again doesn't bother me at all even laying on my side. In fact it's more comfortable to me than laying flat.

  Now, I haven't had a chance to take this thing out into the woods yet, but by all indications it should be much more comfortable then laying on the ground in a sleeping bag, as long as you don't mind going a bit minimalist/rugged and not having an enclosed tent. It's made of thin parachute nylon, so even if you got it completely soaked it should dry out within just a few minutes. If you've got a fire going you'll wanna keep it back a bit from the fire though, as nylon doesn't burn it just melts. Especially bad if it melts against your bare skin. Same if you're a smoker(like me), be careful not to get the hot anywhere near it as you'll just melt little holes in it.

   All in all I'm pretty damn happy with this thing and I can't wait to take it out camping and spend a few nights in it out in the woods. When I get a chance to do that I'll come back with another update and let you know how it did. Hell I'm pretty sure I'm even gonna mount some eye hooks in my room and replace my bed with it.

   Thanks for reading!