Ordered a new Airsoft gun.

So, I just ordered an Echo 1 STAG-15 M4A1 Carbine. I'm fairly excited, but just because I'm hyper and I hate waiting for packages. Lol. It's not anything special really, just a usable carbine so I can start playing more.

As of right now all I have that are usable are my double Eagle shotgun and my Cheapo Crossman C02 pistol. The M4 I have won't feed from the mags I have and my P226 mags are all retarded and won't hold gas anymore, so I only have one functioning mag for that. So yeah, I really want to get that Echo 1 in now so I can go to a game not be totally useless. Really the Crossman works pretty well, but it's horribly unrealistic, and just lacks that little bit that makes me love it. It's fun to shoot, and it's functional, but I don't fondle it like I do the P226 or the 1911. I dunno. 2nd kind of cool as a certain youtuber calls it.

Anyway, I'm excited.


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